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Keepers of The Quaich Turkey Chapter Launch Event
About The Keepers of The Quaich: The Keepers of the Quaich is an exclusive and international Society that recognises those that have shown outstanding commitment to the Scotch Whisky industry. Founded by the leading distillers,it is by its very nature, the beating heart of the industry.

In establishing the Keepers of the Quaich,the industry pooled its influential resources to build a powerful society working together and united. The organisation is represented in over 100 countries and has only ever inducted 2,807 Keepers inits lifetime.

Keepers of the Quaich are dedicated and passionate people from around the world who are proud to be part of a select society and who are dedicated to achieving greater appreciation of our magnificent spirit - Scotch Whisky.

The Keepers of the Quaich only accepts those who have served the Scotch whisky industry for a minimum of 7 years as members, and those who have served the society for a minimum of 10 years can be promoted to the "Master" status by the decision of the Board of Directors in Scotland. Pernod Ricard’s Middle East, North Africa and Turkey General Manager Selcuk Tümay has become the first and only Turkish member to be promoted to the distinguished "Master" status. The Turkey Chapter adventure of The Keepers of The Quaich begun with Tümay’s promotion to the “Master” status in April 2019.

Turkey is set to be among the few select operational countries chosen by the Society. Chairman of the board of B.T. Satis Pazarlama Ve Ticaret A S Burak Türeci and famous gastronomy author Teoman Hünal are on the society’s board of directors, while Selçuk Tümay is the Chairman of the Society's Board of Directors. Levent Kömür represented Diageo -one the Society’s founding companies- as the chief executive of Turkey and mentioned the importance of this process during his speech.

The Keepers of the Quaich is set to make a major contribution to the international promotion of Turkey and has over 2700 "Keeper” and 220 “Master Keeper” members in over 100 countries as of today.

The society derives its name from the word "Cuach” or "Quaich", meaning "two-handled drinking cup" in the old Gaelic language of Scotland, and has been bringing together whiskey lovers for nearly 40 years.

About the Event: Scotland-based "The Keepers of the Quaich Society" launched its Turkey Chapter with a special event at Pera Palace. The Scottish night was attended by many prominent figures from the business and art world.

Scotland-based "The Keepers of the Quaich Society", the industry’s most respected organization with the goal of honouring Scotland and the Scottish whisky culture globally, announced the opening of Turkey Chapter with a spectacular night. The society had only 9 “International Chapters” prior to the launch of its Turkey Chapter.

İskender Paydaş performance at the Scottish night
A Scottish theme was felt at the event, and the guests performed one of the celebration ceremonies of The Keepers of The Quaich. The event started with a Scottish bagpipe performance and İskender Paydaş and his orchestra gave an unforgettable musical performance for the of the guests.

Profile and number of people attended: The invitation was held at Pera Palace, one of the most special locations in Istanbul due to its historical concept, and was also attended by Peter Prentice, the Chairman of the Global Board of Keepers of The Quaich. Oktay Kaynarca, Fikret Orman, Tuğba Coşkun, Murat Kolbaşı, Cem Kalyoncu, Ali Ünal, Emir Bahadır, Nadir Yelkenci, Selda-Aclan Acar, Kardelen Güneştekin, Kaya Demirer were among the guests from the art and business world who attended the exclusiveevent.

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