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Uber Turkey Medical Taxi Project
Case: During the coronavirus pandemic, health workers struggled at the forefront, therefore transportation difficulties emerged as they returned from hospitals to their homes. Taxi drivers are also faced a difficult period due to the imposition of curfews.

Solution: Uber Turkey has launched the Medikal Taxi application to support both healthcare professionals and taxi drivers. Healthcare workers who booked rides through this application used taxis for free to go from hospitals to home with Medikal Taxi. Implementation began with the 5.000 free ride and all the taxi fares were paid entirely by Uber Turkey.

Result: The context is shared by Milliyet, Hürriyet Technology, DHA, Ahmet Hakan, Nevşin Mengü, Cem Seymen, Cem Say, Prof. Dr. Selçuk Şirin, Prof. Dr. Emrah Safa Gürkan on Twitter.After the Medikal Taksi project, Uber took place in the Trend Topics list for a week of May 11 on Twitter.

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