Powerfull and reputable brand

Corporate Communications

On the way to success, we write powerful brand stories. We ensure that our brands build affection or deep-rooted relationships with their target audience and stakeholders, and we support them in achieving their corporate goals.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We embrace social responsibility as a mission beyond a marketing tool that benefits to countries. In this context, we create projects that will contribute to the socio-economic and cultural development of societies.

Digital Communications

With our innovative and pioneering perspective, we integrate into the global digital transformation, which is the reflection of the age. We offer full range of strategic solutions in all disciplines of communication, from data and analytics to digital innovation, social media, mobile participation, celebrity and influencer interaction, content development.

Thought Leadership

A powerful and reputable brand consists of powerful and reputable leaders. Leaders make their brands grow and raise the reputation of their institutions to the extent that they can be thought leaders in the sector and society. We support leaders to be recognized by a wider audience, to reflect their expertise, experience and original ideas in stronger ways.

Intercultural Communication

Effect BCW supports multiculturalism and we take part in important summits and events of the country and the world. Our approach helps to suggest culturally meaningful paths to brands, organizations and audiences, while also providing benefits in networking and brand collaboration.

Crisis Communication

We provide foresight, preparation and management support to our customers before, during and after the crisis. With our resilient, experienced, well-equipped crisis expertise, our teams are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring faster and safer control of emergencies and crises.

Strategic Marketing

We design strategies and solutions that cover not only the communication goals of our brands, but also their business goals. We support them in developing communication projects that will add value to their commercial activities. Innovative products need innovative campaigns. We develop our brands by pushing the limits and adapting to innovations.

Effect BCW Working Methodology - VICTOR OS ™ Model


Pushing the boundaries of communications requires new ways of working. That's why our global operating system, VICTOR OS™ guides us with a proven methodology that mixes art with science and right brain with left to design measurable and meaningful solutions for tackling even the most complex challenges and opportunities our clients face around the world. Victor is our way to win.

Integrated Expertise

Silos block brilliance. Period. End-stop. That’s why our four specialized and integrated “centers of excellence” collaborate across the agency.

INFLUENCE: media strategy, influencer marketing, paid amplification and more

INSIGHTS: brand planning, data, analytics and optimization, measurement and evaluation

INNOVATION: digital, social and paid media, mobile engagement and emerging technologies

IMAGINATION: creative services from concept to content


How will we build a community of "trusted brand ambassadors"?

How do we ensure that the lifestyles of the “responsible influence” brand ambassadors are parallel with the key messages of the campaign?

With the scorecards which created by Effect BCW with the 4R strategy, influencers that will create the real effect, prod the target audience into action, and suitable for the brand culture are determined.

Sample Influencer Score Cards

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