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Reputation Resilience.

BCW has advised clients around the world on how to manage the severe disruption caused by COVID-19, including efforts to reboot and recover in parts of the world that are more advanced in the COVID-19 journey. We have observed the crisis from all angles: business operations, crisis management, medical advances, public policy, the impact on society and how different nations and regions have responded to this unprecedented situation. We have learned many lessons and observed what works and what doesn't. Now even more of the world is about to enter a new phase of the crisis: the gradual lifting of lockdowns to enable society and businesses to recover and hopefully enter our ‘next normal’. However, we know from the deep insights we have gained so far that the way forward for all of us is very far from certain.

At BCW, we believe the next phase is about both planning for recovery while also managing unprecedented uncertainty. We believe that unprecedented uncertainty can be managed by organizing for resilience and preparing for a range of likely scenarios. Our most experienced consultants have devised a new operational model for businesses to achieve and maintain resilience in the uncertain times ahead. Working together, we can manage rapidly unfolding events and chart a course for recovery.

“Resilience is the capacity of a system, enterprise, or person to maintain its core purpose and integrity in the face of dramatically changed circumstances.” – Andrew Zolli, Author, ‘Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back’

The BCW Reputation Resilience Unit will support your organization’s ability to manage the unprecedented uncertainty in the weeks and months after lockdown. Resiliency will be maintained through data-driven scenario planning, providing the business with strategic options to withstand most possible events.

Among the strategic questions that companies should consider in their scenario planning are:

  • Will there be widespread sporadic outbreaks of COVID-19 after lockdown that could have a serious impact on my workforce and/or customers?
  • Will the pandemic return in the fall, resulting in another lockdown and further economic collapse?
  • What if the pandemic is over, but my customers aren't coming back? How long will this recession last?
  • What are the prospects for a vaccine to be ready in early 2021? Will there be a 'V' shaped economic recovery and possible boom as a result? Am I prepared for that?

Reputation Resilience ensures that businesses can withstand the anticipated shocks across three key areas: (1) Strategy & Operations, (2) Customers and (3) Stakeholders. BCW’s Reputation Resilience operates through an agile, three-phased- model – Intelligence, Strategy and Defense – to provide advanced resilience for the business.

Reputation Resilience should continue to function through 2021, as the fallout from the current pandemic will continue.

How We Can Help

Companies are at different stages in this crisis, depending on market and industry.

Many large, international organizations have already introduced new Reputation Resilience processes and are undertaking scenario planning for 2020-2021. Others have been absorbed in managing the current phase of the crisis, the severe economic consequences and impact on customers and the workforce. Still others recognize that they need to implement Reputation Resilience for the next phase of the crisis, but do not have internal capacity to do so. Whichever scenario your organization encounters, BCW’s global experts will enhance your Reputation Resilience process, or – if necessary – build it from scratch.

By implementing Reputation Resilience now, organizations will not only accelerate recovery but promote sustainable growth.

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