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BCW DX: Digital Transformation.

BCW DX is a suite of communications solutions to accelerate successful digital transformation – or “DX” – strategy. Using six modules, our vertical market and subject matter experts help organizations navigate business disruption and drive growth through digital transformation.

Six BCW DX Modules

  • What is Your Digital Fitness: Digital Transformation Maturity Gap Analyses and Industry Report
  • What is Your Narrative and Impact: Defining and Mapping Your Digital Transformation Story
  • How Do You Create and Attract the Workforce of the Future: Cultural Assessment and Content Strategy for Recruiting and Upskilling the Best Employees
  • Are Your Products Delivering Expected Value and Resonating: Product Features, Functionality and Roadmap Testing and Positioning
  • Are You Multi-Channel and Effective: Audit of Engagement Tools and Recommendations for Modernizing Communications Stack
  • Do You Have an Agile and Sophisticated Communications Strategy in Place: Communications Playbook for Internal and External Audiences


Using new data analytics and visualization capabilities, BCW DX helps companies assess the maturity of their digital transformation and related communications strategies while mapping key priorities against industry competitors and standards. Modules are focused on disruption- and growth-related communications support, such as helping companies compete for talent, position and market products, and strengthen stakeholder and customer engagement.

BCW DX uses BCW’s proprietary software developer research and the team’s deep experience working with and within the developer community to help clients recruit talent across business units, attract the next generation of highly skilled and technical workers and upskill existing staff through rich content and digital programs. BCW DX also helps companies test features before going to market and throughout the development and deployment lifecycles. For businesses with Lighthouse Projects, this real-time qualitative and quantitative research from PSB, a BCW Group company, gives companies new insights and decision support for communications.

BCW DX also offers employee trainings and support for rolling out new collaboration tools and customer engagement platforms – all part of the broader module designed to help companies optimize their communications technology stack to strengthen multi-channel campaigns.

“We’ve been helping organizations transform for a digital-first world and future-proof their businesses for years; we’re now scaling the effort to other organizations that need to change and need to prepare for recovery and a new normal.” – MICHAEL ANN THOMAS, EVP, TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS, BCW

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