Navigate the now and
prepare for the next.

Unlike anything experienced in our lifetime, COVID-19 impacts every person, community and organization on Earth, and a lot of uncertainty looms. Still, one thing is certain: We’re united in our care for one another, our commitment to progress, and our optimism for the future.

At BCW, we remain people-first and client-centric as we embrace this ‘new normal’. Like many of our clients, we’ve moved swiftly and with agility to work in new ways, and to deliver work that matters more than ever.

This means helping our clients to navigate the NOW and prepare for the NEXT.

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Data & Insights

As businesses and organizations plan for what’s next in the wake of COVID-19, data must serve as their foundation. PSB, a BCW Group company, generates the data-driven insights companies need to navigate the next with confidence.

Employee Experience

COVID-19 has driven unprecedented speed and scale of organizational change across sectors and geographies. In this environment, where stakes are high and uncertainty looms, even the most prepared leadership teams are challenged to engage their most important stakeholders: their employees.

Brand NEXT

The effects of a once-in-a-lifetime global crisis will have an impact for years to come – with many brands quickly and adeptly showing up for their communities. It’s been a breakout moment for brands that get it right – and may be a defining moment for brands that aren’t engaging appropriately.

Public Affairs in the COVID-19 Era

COVID-19 raises fundamental questions about the role of government and business and the priorities of each. Traditional power hierarchies are interacting with emerging voices, empowered by technology. This new reality requires a modern, networked approach to public affairs.

An Inclusive Approach

The global pandemic has taken a disproportionate toll on vulnerable communities. As organizations begin the long road to recovery, now is the time to think carefully about how they can be more diverse and inclusive in our next normal.

The New Normal & Stakeholder Capitalism

When we look back, a decade from now, the solidifying of stakeholder capitalism’s primacy as an orientation for business – and the increased importance of the role of communications in navigating this new model – will trace back to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Return to Work(place)

After lengthy closures and stay-at-home orders, economies around the world are beginning to re-open. People are returning to work. Companies are opening their doors to customers. The question is: How do we move forward safely, with respect to all stakeholders they serve?

Reputation Resilience

We believe that unprecedented uncertainty can be managed by organizing for resilience and preparing for a range of likely scenarios. The BCW Reputation Resilience Unit will support your organization’s ability to manage in the weeks and months after lockdown.

Influencer Advocacy for Good

Social media usage is soaring amidst COVID-19, and influencers are adapting their content to fit the times. There’s an opportunity for brands to engage and provide value, but most strategies require a refresh based on new consumer behaviors and content themes.

BCW DX: Digital Transformation

COVID-19 forced a radical acceleration of digital transformation across sectors, underscoring the need for effective communication. BCW DX helps organizations articulate their transformation across a continuum, from customers and employees to supply chain and investors.
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